The free, play-money slot machine game is available in both English and Spanish. The slot game in the download is the royalty themed one that can be found here:

There is an easy version as well as a difficult version. The easier version has a better payout ratio than the difficult one.

Easy (English)

Easy (Spanish)

Difficult (English)

Difficult (Spanish)

Each download contains the .swf file, as well as an .xml file.

Two messages are displayed to the user in the game, which can be used as advertisements. The first message displays every couple of minutes. The second message is displayed when  the user wins 25 credits or more (a sort of congratulations message).

You can edit the text of the messages in the xml file. You can also edit the link and the link text in the xml file.

Note: both messages will contain the same link, so the game can only be used to promote one advertiser.

If you use the game on your site, all we ask is a link back to this site somewhere on your website, preferably on a Spanish page if you have a multi-lingual site. Here is our link information:

Link text: Tragamonedas


Please note: This game was developed by a third party. Your use of it is at your own risk.